Fascia and Shiatsu with Gabriella Poli 28.-29.9.2019

The Workshop is for Shiatsu Practitioners or advanced students only. Fascia is the generic name used to define all connective tissues in our body.It is a single smooth sheath that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot without interruption: it covers, separates, supports, protects and provides cohesion to all the structures of our body (bones, muscles, nerves, organs, vessels, down to the cellular level).Fascia restriction, which is caused by any non resolved trauma or stress, may result in pain, contractions, limitations in the range of motions, dysfunctions of organs and body systems, misalignment in the Lue lisää →

Meridiaanikurssi 3/3 elokuussa – ilmoittaudu nyt!

Rex Lassalle

Yhdistys kiittää osallistumisesta Rexin toukokuiselle meridiaanikurssille ja kehottaa halukkaita ilmoittautumaan pian elokuun kurssille: vielä muutama paikka vapaana!                     Kurssi on englanninkielinen. Time: Aug 22 at 10:00am to Aug 23 at 4:00pm Place: Zen Center Helsinki (Kalevankatu 4, Helsinki) Price: 180€ (members of Shiatsu Finland), 210 € (non-members) Elokuun kurssin tapahtumakutsu Facebookissa.