Qi&Body Shiatsu Program, level1


Shiatsu is a Japanese manual energetic treatment that was developed in the last 150 years, based on ancient healing eastern knowledge. Shiatsu, as most complementary treatments, is working a bit like plumbing, regulating Qi system by creating an accurate stimulation. The body systems are encouraged to release blocked energy that eventually creates illness. It is done by pressing special points all over the body that are chosen carefully – Tsubo. Shi – finger. Atsu –pressing.

We warmly welcome you to participate Qi&Body Shiatsu Program, level1, starting 23.9.2016 and including five weekends (Fri 1pm-6pm, Sat-Sun 9.15am-5.15pm):

• 23.-25.9.2016
• 6.-8.1.2017
• 31.3.-2.4.2017
• 16.-18.6.2017
• 25.-27.8.2017

Level 1 – Qi tools, Kata, self-development, energy management
1. Basic Qi tools essential for treatment based on Qi & Body Shiatsu method.
2. Basic treatment forms (Kata), detailed learning of 4 Katas.
3. Spiritual and practical development of the therapist – through mutual observation in human patterns and contents.
4. Heart practice, mutual and circular meditations, practical conscious techniques for healing and well-being.
5. Practical acquaintance with energetic field – of therapist and patient as one. Energy management of therapist (rejuvenating, grounding etc.).

Who is it for?
• Qualified therapists who wish to get initial profound tools to work with Qi and Kata and to improve self-energy management.
• For people who are interested in the energetic practical world and wish for self-development in a group that keeps the rules of the unified field
• As a basic course for shiatsu level 2.

Qi & Body Shiatsu method is built on 3 basic elements:
1. Profound knowledge in shiatsu: accuracy in location of tsubo (pressing point), correct pressing, rhythm and depth. Thorough studying of Kata. Direct connection with meridians, diagnoses and more.
2. Personal development of therapist. Deepening the connection “thought-consciousness- movement-Qi”. Presence and mindfulness. Feedback. Treating “the whole” –physical, emotional, spiritual.
3. Energy management: tools of long-term, effortless clinical work, rejuvenation, grounding, resetting, giving-receiving relations with one’s body and environment.

Teacher: Galit Shaviv

Price: 350€/person/weekend (if more than 10 participants, price is less)

Contact for more information, detailed study program and registration:
Johanna Häkkinen, qibodyshiatsu.fin@gmail.com,
tel. 040 7565 789

Study Program


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