Menopause & a Smooth Transition: a workshop with Rex Lassalle

This weekend program will include a lot of “how to” information, and will cover the many challenges that women face when this transition begins. However, the program is about women coming home to themselves, as this is at the core of their enjoying a smooth menopause transition. This is the difference on offer this weekend: it is about connecting with BEING, rather than adopting the conventional“fix it” approach to menopause.

Coming home to oneself is connected with Time and the moon, as the Moon and its influence at a certain time was what triggered the woman’s first experience of the cycle. Discovering that relationship with Time is a core aspect of the BEING experience for a smooth menopause transition.

㊨ Body awareness: smooth transitions through physical changes
㊨ Lifestyle cultivation: aligning body and mind to the rhythms of life
㊨ Skilful approaches to weather conditions
㊨ Self-shiatsu techniques and shiatsu with a partner
㊨ Marma points and ways to use them for this transition
㊨ Diet and exercises
㊨ Herbs, essential oils and other options
㊨ Rituals and your 9 Star Ki astrology pattern

Address: Homeopatiakeskus 10M, Annankatu 29 a 28, 00100 Helsinki

Dates: February 19th to February 21st 2016

Times: Friday 19th 18-21.30, Saturday 20th 10-18, Sunday 21st 10-17

Cost: 270€ for weekend attendance

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30 participants limit, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

To enroll for this program, visit the registration page at:

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