Energy Management in Clinic & Life Seminar Series, Part 1/3

You are warmly invited to a unique seminar series about Qi, organized by Shiatsu Finland ry (SFry)!

The seminar will take place during 3 weekends, in which we will gradually acknowledge the principles of working with Qi and with our energetic system. All lessons are “hands on” and combined of pure practice of Shiatsu, movement & self/group conscious practice.

One can participate in the lessons separately, though it is highly recommended attending all lessons in order to imply the tools in daily work in an optimal way.

1st Part Mind & Qi 9-10.4.2016
2nd Part Qi, Tsubo & meridians 18-19.6.2016
3rd Part Integration 20-21.8.2016

1st Part – “Mind & Qi
Weekend 9-10.4.2016, 10:00-17:00

galit-courseIn the first weekend we will discover many ways in which our directed mind is influencing and creating Qi patterns. We will discover the straight immediate connection between our thoughts, Qi and “reality”, in the clinic and in our life.

  1. Recognition – what is Qi field? Recognizing anchors and sources of Qi in my system. Practicing our Qi operating systems (Chakras) and learning new information about their special roles in our energy field. Self-recognition of Qi patterns.
  2. Mind-Qi connection – how does my mind creates Qi in treatment? How a thought influences Qi field. Qi games. Taking the responsibility.
  3. Basic energetic patterns to rejuvenate and grounding of Qi – for treatment and daily usage.
  4. Self-maintenance of Qi – a daily practice to keep my Qi – food exercise spiritual activity.
  5. Basic principles: unification, crowns, tanden, core and more.
  6. Practicing Shiatsu with principles.
  7. Qi-observation diagnosis.

How much does it cost?

The cost is 210€ per weekend. The cost for Shiatsu Finland ry (SFry) members is 180€ per weekend.

How to register?

For registration details, please contact Shiatsu Finland ry (SFry) at info @ shiatsufinland . fi (without the spaces around @ and .)

Where it will be?

The seminars will take place in Akupunktioklinikka, Keskustorni 6th floor, Tapiola, Espoo

Who is the teacher?

galitGalit Shaviv
  • Senior Shiatsu Therapist since 1992
    and Teacher
  • Developer of Qi & Body Shiatsu – that focuses in accuracy and effectiveness of touch therapy, along with developing an aware observing consciousness of the therapist and active acquaintance of the energy field in which we live in.
  • Graduate of Zen Shiatsu studies in Medicine College, Israel
  • Graduate of international Tao Shiatsu center by master Endo
  • Graduate of Seiki Shiatsu
  • 18 years Yoga practitioner
  • 2 years Pilates
  • 10 years Feldenkrais and belly dancing
  • Aikido and traditional archery practitioner in the school of internal arts.

Qi & Body is taught more than a decade in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and since 2011 in the ISA International School of Acupuncture in Tapiola, Espoo, Finland.

The method is taught also in short “energy management” workshops to therapists such as midwives, social workers, acupuncturists and more.

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