Shiatsu and Acupressure: a Review of the Effectiveness of Evidence

In 2006, a systematic review of studies  that looked at the efficacy and effectiveness of shiatsu and acupressure was carried out by Thames Valley University. In 2010, this review was updated by the same researchers. The executive summary provides a useful starting point to explore the 250+ page review. Of great benefit to understanding how and why the review was conducted is the preface written by senior shiatsu practitioner Carola Beresford-Cooke. A clear summary of the review has also been compiled by a former sub-committee member, Hannah Mackay, in the Autumn 2011 edition of the Shiatsu Society Journal, Issue 119. Lue lisää →

The Effects and Experience of Shiatsu: A Cross-European Study

FINAL REPORT Andrew F Long School of Healthcare, University of Leeds December 2007 © University of LeedsProject Contact: Seamus Connolly, Project Co-ordinator. 43, Whitehall Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14, Ireland. Tel: 00353 1 2962839 CAM’ s contribution to health and well being and its role alongside conventional medicine are poorly understood. The scope of application is variable and the differences between the many CAM practices are not well known. There is also significant prejudice to CAM. Practitioners have been prosecuted on legal grounds unconnected to their competence or client complaint. Published research is thin on the ground for many CAM Lue lisää →